Cultural Olive Experience
Olovers is a brand that offers a range of olives from all over the world in order to create a meaningful and educational experience. Unlike other olives in the market, this product focuses on bringing unique flavors from different nationalities for users to explore. This will be done by creating an olive kit that users can sign up for monthly subscriptions. The kit will come with a tapenade, olives, and stuffed olives from different countries with the best food pairings and recipes for each olive, thus embracing its culture with traditional flavors. 
The Problem
The food industry lacks diversity of olive products and all products seem to have an universal taste. This company will focus on bringing flavors from different nationalities for users to explore. By bringing olives from different parts of the world together with unique flavor pairing, we will be able to revolutionize something that has been almost the exact same for so many years.
The Solution
Creating a unique product that delivers a new olive experience each month, which is perfect for those who are looking for something different and exciting. This subscription based format is also appealing to those who want a hassle free way of trying something new, or olive lovers that just want to try something innovative and exciting each month.

Creative Strategy 
Explore the World at the Comfort of your Home
The best part about traveling to different countries is the gastronomical experience that each country offers. Sometimes just eating and tasting the food is not enough, you need to connect with it. Imagine not only eating the food, but also understanding its background and roots; knowing where your product originated from, how it was sourced, produced, picked or cooked.

Project Scope
Research Brand strategy | Concept Development Logo design  | Naming | Art direction | Ideation | Packaging design | Copywriting | Illustration | 3D Build | Graphic Design

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