Eternal Symmetry
Exploring the World of Rice
Eternal Symmetry is a book that delves into the enchanting world of rice, revealing the hidden beauty within each grain. Through stunning close-up photography and engaging narratives, this publication explores the diverse varieties of rice, their origins, shapes, and sizes. Discover the mesmerizing allure of rice like never before, as we unveil the intricate and eternal symmetries hidden within its seemingly uniform appearance.
The Problem
Rice, the staple food for over half of humanity, holds immense importance and sustains millions of people worldwide. However, the vast array of rice varieties, with their unique characteristics, often goes unnoticed. The lack of awareness regarding the diverse nature of rice inhibits our appreciation for its intricate nuances and cultural significance.
The Solution
Creating a visual expose celebrating the individuality of each rice grain. By showcasing the distinct shapes, sizes, and colors of various rice varieties, with the aim to illuminate its remarkable diversity. Exploration the beauty in the symmetries that lie beneath the surface, enabling a deeper understanding and reverence for rice's rich heritage.
Creative Strategy 
Symmetry is only seen at a first glance
From afar, rice seems to have the same shape and size. Still, when we look closer we can see the uniqueness of each grain. Experiencing the captivating world of rice's hidden symmetries and  exploring  deep into the mesmerizing symmetrical illusions that rice presents from a distance. Unveiling the intricate patterns, shapes, and symmetries that make each grain a work of art. Celebrating the delicate of symmetry and the unseen beauty  within the eternal symmetries of rice.

Project Scope
Brand concept   Logo design  |  Naming  | Illustration   Brand identity  | Art direction 3D Build | Copywriting 

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