Exhibit on the Polarizing Americas
Convergence is an exhibition focused on demonstrating how different life is in a first world country to a third world country. North and South America are extremely different; not only culturally, but their main distinction being the wealth of the countries within both continents. North America is mostly composed of First World Countries. On the other hand, South America is known for only having Third world or developing countries.It will emphasize on important topics that cover sustainable development issues, such as, poverty, health, education, the environment, and lifestyle. 
The Problem
Growing up in a First world country one might not realize how different their lives and struggles would have been if they were growing up in an underdeveloped country. Can we really learn all of these just by reading a school textbook?
The Solution
Reading about underdeveloped countries is not the same as experiencing it. Convergence focuses on an experience in order to demonstrate the differences between common day to day lifestyle
Creative Strategy 
Americas As One
America is one big continent. However, we are still divided between the Ecuador line separating us into North and South. But is this enough to separate us from understanding and educating ourselves on the other side?

Project Scope
Brand concept  | Logo design |  Naming  |  Brand identity  | Art direction  |  Exhibit/Ticket design | Copywriting  | 3D Build

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