Nature's Protein for Dogs
Krunchy is a dog food company with the mission to redefine pet nourishment​​​​​​​ Made from a harmonious blend of wholesome, natural ingredients, providing a healthy and balanced diet for your furry companion. Using insect protein powder, a sustainable and protein-rich alternative to traditional sources, a meal that is not only delicious but also environmentally conscious.
The Problem
Dog owners today are more interested in the health of their pets. Dog foods in the market have been shown to cause many diseases and health problems; these foods also have a huge impact on the environment and on sustainability.
The Solution
Create a delicious, nutritious, and sustainable pet food brand that addresses the health concerns of dog owners. By offering a range of flavorful options and adopting a friendly and approachable brand image. Seeking to change perceptions of insect-based pet food and promote a healthier lifestyle for dogs. Through visually appealing packaging, and inviting language, in order to make this insect-based recipe an appealing and sustainable choice for dog owners.
Creative Strategy 
Feeding your dog’s instincts
Bringing your dog's natural instincts to life with Krunchy. Embracing the inherent cravings of dogs by incorporating a delightful blend of delicious, crunchy, and nutritious ingredients. Explore the inclusion of insects as a normal part of your dog's diet, while inviting them to indulge in an irresistible and enticing experience. Through playful and enticing words, capturing the essence of your dog's instincts, reflecting the irresistible appeal of Krunchy. Treat your furry friend to a truly satisfying and delicious experience that nourishes their bodies with the wholesome goodness they deserve. Feed your dog's instincts with the flavors they love and cherish their well-being.

Project Scope
Research | Brand concept  |  Logo design  |  Brand identity  |  Art direction  |  Naming  |  3D Build  |  Copywriting  | Illustration | Copywriting 

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