Creativity knows no borders.

My name is Naomi Kryss, and I recently graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Communications Design. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, I bring a unique perspective to the field of design; my international background has greatly influenced my approach to design, allowing me to create culturally sensitive and globally relevant work.​​​​​​​
My time in Syracuse has allowed me to work and create various projects, which has been a vital component in helping me develop my skills as a designer. My graphic design, typography, strategic thinking, and branding expertise have enabled me to create visually compelling designs that effectively communicate complex ideas. What sets me apart as a designer is my ability to combine my technical skills with my unique perspective as an international student. I always bring fresh and innovative air to every project, drawing on my diverse experiences and ability to think outside the box. I am also highly adaptable and can thrive in fast-paced, high-pressure environments, thanks to my experience growing up alongside my siblings and repeatedly adapting to new cultures. 

Culture ignites creativity, design brings it to life.
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