Smart Alert Electric Toothbrush
Switch is a modern luxury smart electric toothbrush that takes the guesswork out of your dental hygiene. Featuring an innovative LED indicator and customizable modes, Switch ensures optimal cleaning and a tailored brushing experience. With the accompanying app, you can easily manage settings, track habits, and receive personalized insights for better oral care. Invest in your smile with Switch and experience the benefits of a truly smart and personalized dental routine.
The Problem
Many individuals neglect to replace their toothbrushes regularly and lack awareness about proper toothbrush hygiene. While manual toothbrushes can be effective, there is limited understanding regarding their optimal usage and hygienic maintenance.​​​​​​​
The Solution
Introducing a smart electric toothbrush that incorporates various functions, coupled with an intuitive and user-friendly companion app. This innovative approach empowers users to achieve superior oral hygiene by providing guidance and personalized features for an enhanced brushing experience.
Creative Strategy 
Elevate Your Oral Care Routine, Embrace the Future
Switch electric toothbrush revolutionizes your daily oral care with cutting-edge technology and personalized features. Step into a new era of brushing where each stroke brings you closer to optimal oral health. Experience the power of Switch and unlock a brighter, healthier smile like never before.

Project Scope
Brand concept |  Logo design  |  Brand identity   Naming   UX/UI   Illustration |  Art direction |  3D Build  |  Copywriting 

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